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Det. Tate Laurence, RCMP-FMU
HT: 6'2" WT: 220 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Dark Age: 32
Preferred Dress: Blue Suit and Hat
Combat Specialty: Pistol and Haymaker
Preferred Weapon: Old-fashioned Rifle
The Mike Hammer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police-Forensic Magic Unit. Makes it a point to carry issue silver and wooden bullets. Asks questions while shooting. Would have been a former linebacker except for a mouth accident: His opened.

Marc Emmanuel
HT: 5'10" WT: 180 lbs Hair: Shaved Eyes: Brown Skin: Brown Age: 23
Preferred Dress: Black pants, red shirt
Combat Specialty: Capoierista; also Surprise Element (can move fast and teleport within line of sight (disappearing in a beam of light, and reappear in a flash of light and smoke, as well as explosions)(bead necklace)
Preferred Weapon: Staff
The leader/sax player of Sex Percussions (a jazz ensemble) with a short fuse.

Talia Delajoue
HT: 5'8" WT: 110 lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Skin: Fair Age: 22
Preferred Dress: Pink blouse and striped leggings
Combat Specialty: Capoeirista; also Mystery Element (camouflage, flight, and desolidification) (gestures)
Preferred Weapon: Chain
The drummer of Sex Percussions

Donal Maltus
HT: 5'9" WT: 160 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Green Skin: Fair Age: 20
Preferred Dress: Yellow Vest, pants
Combat Specialty: Capoeirista (sp?); also Construction Element (ability to lift anything, can make things stick together or demolish them)
Preferred Weapon: Crow bar
The piano-man of Sex Percussions

Simon Spayros
HT: 5'6" WT: 160 lbs Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue w/glasses Skin: Pale Age: 21
Preferred Dress: Green Plaid shirt with khakis
Combat Specialty: Running. Real fast. And casting spells from cover.
Preferred Weapon: Steel discs
Simon is a magic geek. His paths, mastery and applicable focus are:
Weather (good enough to create very localized (room-sized) storm) (four charms of fire, water, earth, and air)
Shape-shifting (create minor but visible changes in physiology, adaptation)(shirtless)
Alchemy (just short of the Philosopher's Stone) (lots of time and a lab)
Conveyance (can use shadows to teleport up to a football field away) (shadows at both ends, being blindfolded)
Abjuration (can counter, but not dispel, magic and create shields) (gestures, words, and wearing black gloves)
Found at the intersection of Geek Street and Magic Avenue.

HT: 5'6" WT: 175 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Skin: Pale Age: Apparently 24 (Real: 578)
Preferred Dress: Gypsy wear, including scarf
Combat Specialty: Dodge, weave, and slap.
Preferred Weapon: Talith (battle scarf)

He's a vampire, with some illusionary abilities. Due to his blood connection, he can temporary copy the ability of any gypsy whose blood he drinks.

Nice guy. Wants to die dancing naked in the sunlight.

Rolonda Washington
HT: 5'8" WT: 120 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Dark Age: 24
Preferred Dress:Mission: Tight black clothes; Casual: Southern belle dresses
Combat Specialty: Her faith is truly powerful, allowing her to negate offensive magics, and occasionally manifests as a flame on her sword and bolts.
Preferred Weapon: Sword, cross-shaped daggers, crossbow with silver-headed bolts.
Swordmistress and choir member. When she's not killing vampires, that is.

Baba Milena
HT: 5'3" WT: 95 lbs Hair: Gray Eyes: Green Skin: Tanned Age:67
Preferred Dress: Gypsy wear, including scarf
Combat Specialty: Mistress of rom magic, such as fortune-telling, luck manipulation, creation of talismans (minor effects), and can still dance hypnotically.
Preferred Weapon: Grandma's Glare of Death.
You know she's going to die. She knows, but she's still going the mess her killer up!

The Ripper
HT: 6'2" WT: 200 lbs Hair: Bald Eyes: Red Skin: White Age:75 (appears 45)
Preferred Dress: White suits
Combat Specialty: Close combat, with sadistic preferences

He's a vampire. Although he can be easily destroyed, he nonetheless comes back the next night. It would take pure sunlight wielded by someone who knows all of his crimes in order to kill them.

Preferred Weapon: Scalpel.
The Ripper is back, and he wants to stay that way.

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